Wednesday, 18 June 2008

World War 2 veteran to stand against David Davis.

I was proud to British until the age of 70, proud to have 'Done My Bit' to keep the Nazis from our shores.
Then came a succession of shocks, all my lifelong beliefs shattered, as I learned that Britain was not the land I believed it to be. I became (and am again) a whistle-blower, a writer, a dissident and a human rights activist.
In 1997 I stood for Parliament as an INDEPENDENT OLD AGE PENSIONER, and published the book CAUSE FOR CONCERN (with evidence of the corruption which is rampant in our courts).
In 1998/99 I won a case in the European Court of Human Rights (Scarth v UK 33745/96) - and did so SINGLE-HANDED!   It brought an important change in British law, incorporated into the 1998 Human Rights Act.
The change is much hated by lawyers and the all too many corrupt judges - and I am hated for it.
David Davies has caused this By-election because he CLAIMS  to be concerned that people might be locked up without charge for 42 days.  In consequence of my activites as above, after a Kangaroo Court 'trial' and four years in many different prisons,  I was ILLEGALLY dragged off to a so-called 'Mental Hospital', where I was locked up without charge, NOT for 42 days, but for TWO YEARS!
During this time I managed to send a desperate S.O.S message to David Davis, telling him not only about myself, but about Andy McCardle.  Davis contemptuously ignored it.  He might as well have spat in my face. He was certainly spitting on Andy's grave, and the graves of those who gave their lives in World War 2.  I never expected to be allowed out alive, but by some miracle I did manage to escape.
NOT SO THE VERY BRAVE WHISTLE-BLOWER ANDY McCARDLE - his sadistic murder completely covered up!


Anonymous said...

I can absolutely attest that you're telling the truth and that this country is no better than Stalins' Russia. It's a nightmare.

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Zoompad said...

I had a letter this morning from Bridget Prentice in which she said, "We do not believe that the law should be changed to prevent contact applications being made, or that there should be any presumption of "no contact" where domestic violence or abuse is an issue"

This government is putting women in prison for protecting their children from abusers, and they are forcing children to visit and even live with people who have abused them. Then they have the barefaced cheek to cry crocodile tears for baby P in Parliament!

This is the worst government this country has ever known, I am sure of it. They are even worse than the Thatcher government! They are like Nazis.