Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Will The Sun prove me wrong? (again!)

The Sun, Monday 1st December: Based mainly on the arrest of MP Damian Green, columnist Trevor Kavanagh was given most of page 9 to tell us "We are a police state here and now". I sent a message asking him to contact me if he wants evidence of State Crime (torture and murder!) INFINITELY worse than that which he describes. It was no surprise that he did not respond to my invitation. Yes, the 'News Media' will make a great fuss about comparatively minor stuff, but will not expose the REAL horror.


Anonymous said...

Good for you Mr.Scarth, please keep up your steady campaigns for justice for all of us, you're one of the best soldiers we have in England

Zoompad said...

What a good idea!

I think I will write to him as well.

This government is a disgrace. They allowed an American pedophile psychologist to influence a government consultation on child protection in 2005. The all know, I've written to them and had letters back from Jack Straw and Bridget Prentice and many other MPs, but all I get back from them is NuNazi spin. It made me feel sick to see them all in Parliament pretending to be sad about the death of baby P.