Friday 1 August 2008

Every day brings MORE to tell!

Every day brings MORE to tell - but less time to tell it!
Wed. 6th August 2008. See update about Electoral Commission IN CAPITALS (in blue) inserted after 'OUTRAGE', below.
PPS: Just realised that I have never told on this blog of the Mugabean treatment meted out to me when I was a candidate at the local elections on 1st May. I was assaulted, unlawfully arrested and incarcerated, it being SPECIFICALLY stated that orders had come from 'very high up' that I was to be held 'until voting had ended', when I was released without charge.
Politicians and our (so-called) 'News Media' scream 'OUTRAGE!' when these things happen in Zimbabwe, but not a single word when it happens in Britain! NOT A SINGLE WORD FROM THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION EITHER, THEY WHOSE JOB IT IS TO ENSURE THAT ELECTION ARE CONDUCTED PROPERLY, FAIRLY AND FREELY!!!