Monday 15 February 2010


A Happy New Year ? First I repeat the last part of ‘A Very Different Christmas’ (amended slightly).
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I was proud to have ‘done my bit’ to keep the Nazis from our shores. My pride remained until the age of 70.
I am less proud now. Tragically, all those who died, British and German, gave their lives in vain.  The Nu-Nazis (for want of a better word) have achieved by stealth that which Hitler failed to achieve by force.  A new ‘Master Race’ (not the one envisaged by Hitler) has surreptitiously seized ‘Absolute Power’, and will destroy anyone (big or little) they see as a threat to that power. THEY ARE LAWYERSDespised all over the world, in Britain the worst of them become judges.  Everything we fought against in WW2 has come about under Lawyer Blair’s Regime and the ‘Heirs to Blair’, the poppies they wear being a nauseating sham.  Added to which we have the evil as in Stalinist Russia, where sane whistle-blowers and ‘dissidents’ are silenced by incarceration in ‘Mental Hospitals’.
In 'A Very Different Christmas' (below) I tell of the voices calling for help from the black of the winter Arctic night in the Barents Sea on Boxing Day 1943 as we steamed away, leaving those men to certain death within minutes.  Those voices haunt me yet, not only at Christmas.  It is for them, as well as those of our own side who gave their lives, that I will fight to my last breath to expose these Nu-Nazis – who are less honest than the old ones.  That of course is why I am now labelled 'A very dangerous man'.  Indeed I am, but a danger to whom, and in what way?
The story continues below:
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31st December 2009 I was robbed of my life saving. £6,500.
1) Not a lot after a lifetime’s honest, hard work and fighting for my country in World War 2.  It is not entirely my own fault.  I have been robbed before. About 10 years ago crooked judges dived into my bank account (into which I had my old age pension paid) and grabbed every last penny – including the pensioner’s £10 Christmas bonus. Why? IT WAS REVENGE!
2) It was revenge for my 1997 General Election manifesto, for my book ‘Cause for Concern’ (published the same year), but particularly for my single-handed success in the European Court of Human Rights (case 33745/96). It brought a vital change into British law, incorporated into the 1998 Human Rights Act. The change is much hated by lawyers and judges - and I am hated for it.
3) That was only the start however: On 8th August 1999 there came a potentially lethal terror attack by a mob-handed gang of West Yorkshire Police (being used as a private army) – without even the pretence of a lawful excuse. They demanded entry and radioed for a battering ram and riot shields – against one solitary old man, doing no wrong in any shape or form!
4) The intention was to silence me by fear, a heart attack or a stroke the hoped for outcome.  Few men of my age would not have had one or the other. Though my heart was pounding and my head bursting (as yours would have been) I defied them.  Because a crowd of concerned neighbours had gathered, they did not use the battering ram, but instead laid siege to the house for three hours before backing off, saying, “We have decide this is not a police matter”, but adding the sinister threat – “We’ll be back!” (all that, and much more, is on tape.)
5) In the days, weeks and months which followed, my desperate S.O.S. messages were faxed to EVERY watchdog in the land - and I do mean all of them!  Amnesty International, Liberty, Justice, Ombudsmen and about 200 MPs.  All of them being lawyer controlled, a curt brush-off came from only two; from the rest not even acknowledgment.  It was obvious the police had licence to commit any crime against me with impunity.
6) For eleven months I dared leave the house only three times, imprisoned by fear - and I am not a timid man.  My fear proved justified on 20th July 2000, when there came a second attack.  This time (armed with a bogus Possession Order), they did smash into my home and gave me a brutal kicking that put me in hospital on intravenous treatment.
7) To cover up this police criminality I was stitched up for a non-existent ‘crime’.  Instead of my attackers, it was me in the dock at Sheffield Crown Court, a Kangaroo Court if ever there was one. My witnesses and; my evidence were banned, AS WERE THE PRESS!  That alone should have set alarm bells ringing for those who are supposed to be concerned about such things.
8) The sadistic Judge was David Ronald Bentley, who then lived with wife Christine at 311 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.  Three times when I complained about his gross misconduct he had me literally dragged and thrown back to the cells.
9) He fed monstrous lies to the specially selected jury (all relatives and friends of police) to get the verdict he wanted.  Then, for a first ‘offence’ by a 75 year old WW 2 veteran, imposed a sentence to ensure I died in prison.  Well, I didn’t die, but lived long enough to have ‘Paid My Debt to Society’, and was due to walk free on 25th April 2005.
10) Instead, aged 79, weighing 8 stone, with spondulosis, osteo-arthritis and congenital fusion of the spine, in double handcuffs, escorted by three sadistic screws and a 'nurse', I was unlawfully carted off to Newton Lodge Gulag ‘Mental Hospital’, Wakefield, not as a patient (neither needing nor receiving any treatment), but a captive, just as much as Terry Waite, John McCarthy, Brian Keenan in Beirut, Daniel Pearl in Pakistan, Ken Bigley and Margaret Hassan in Iraq.  I never expected to be let out alive, but by a miracle it happened, and here I am, STILL trying to waken the nation to the corruption which is rampant throughout this ruthless, lawless, murderous and merciless ‘1984’ Police State.  And STILL under attack from the evil ones!
11) NOW TO THE LATEST ROBBERY: IT WAS A MUGGING BY THE JUDICIAL MAFIA (See endnotes). Some of you may be aware that I was arrested while a candidate at the local election last year to prevent me from campaigning (the police admitted it was on orders from ‘higher up’), and that I put in an Election Petition to have the result declared void because of this Zimbabwean treatment.  I was required to put down £2.500 as security for costs.
12) The Kangaroo Court ‘Hearing’ of the Petition took place in Bradford City Hall on 6/7th May 2009 . IF ‘Democracy’ meant anything at all to the people of Bradford, City Hall should have been packed, the overflow watching proceedings on the big TV screen in Millennium Square.  They would have seen how the evil, sadistic, corrupt, Jekyll and Hyde Deputy High Court Judge Richard Mawrey QC (colluding with the police to withhold vital evidence) ruled against me, and of course the £2,500 was seized.  Sadly, there were only a handful of Councillors, and ONLY ONE member of the public present.
13) There followed a request from Dennis Schulman, a 'Legal Officer' employed by Bradford Council, that I make proposals as to how I intended to pay a further £46,000 costs.
14) I had of course put in an appeal against Mawrey, which is still to be heard – but it has come up against corruption beyond belief in the place laughably known as the ‘Royal Courts of Justice’!
15) On 31st December 2009, out of the blue came a High Court Order telling me that they had put a stop on all the money in my bank (as they did on the previous occasion). The only reason I had £6,500 is because I live frugally, don’t smoke, drink, run a car, or have holidays, and have managed to put by a little from my Old Age Pension to use to continue the fight against corruption, and pay for my funeral.
16) So, in the middle of the coldest winter for several years, they decided to grab that – along with THE WINTER FUEL PAYMENT and WEEKLY COLD WEATHER PAYMENTS given to we old folks to ensure we do not die of hypothermia.  I must remember to thank Prime Minister Gordon Brown for them!
17) There was a ‘hearing’ in the ‘Royal Courts of (IN)Justice’ on 25th January 2010, when another crooked judge (‘Master’ Fontaine) ordered that the £6,500 be handed over to the crooked lawyers acting for the corrupt Bradford Council.
18) Apart from the crime against me, Bradford Council have spent at least £100,000 to achieve this ‘success’, which is a serious misuse of taxpayers’ money.
19) As my paltry savings are nowhere near the £46,000 ‘debt’, they will then have me declared bankrupt, to ensure I can never try to seek a remedy in the courts, or stand for election ever again. THAT of course has been the aim all along.  THAT is my reward for fighting for my country in WW2 and a lifetime’s honest hard work.  THAT is ‘Democracy’ in Britain.  The Rule of Law?  In Britain we have the Rule of Law-yers – a very different thing!
20) At her Coronation the Queen swore before Almighty God “To Deliver Justice with Mercy”. These lot have as much mercy as a mouse would find in a snake pit!  Knowing from past experience that this could happen, it had been in my mind to withdraw my savings from the bank, and stuff it under the mattress or somewhere.
21) However, I didn’t get round to it.  For the last eight months I have been working night and day trying to help that other whistle-blower victim Maurice Kirk, and have not had time to look after my own interests (I have no regrets about this: Maurice and I are fighting the same enemy).  Though this is obviously bad for me from a financial aspect, and for my well-being, it is just possible that good might come of it.  Those who pretend that everything bad in Britain comes out of the EU may realise that Police State Britain is even more evil.
FOOTNOTE 1: The attack on 8th August 1999 came just 17 days after the ECtHR had made the ruling in my favour which brought the change in British law (the change much hated by lawyers and judges).  It was also just 6 weeks after I had appeared in the Civil Appeal Court, and been bold enough to tell Lord Woolf (then Master of the Rolls), Lord Justice Otton and LJ Ward, “Her Majesty the Queen, whose courts these are, is badly served by the shysters who now infest the judiciary”.  A newspaper report carried the glaring headline, “Norman ‘Ousts’ Top Judge”.  You don’t do THAT & get away with it!
FOOTNOTE 2: THE JUDICIAL MAFIA: They, their lackeys, thugs and puppets commit robbery, torture and murder with impunity.  The sycophantic ‘News Media’ (who would draw praise from Josef Goebbels) leads the brainwashed public in worshipping them as Gods.  They are not Gods, but Devils, sub-human creatures whose only human quality is arrogance.  Very few people resist the brainwashing, and even fewer have courage enough to speak out.
FOOTBOTE 3: When I first began to learn of corruption in the courts, and published my book ‘CAUSE for CONCERN’ I said, ’The worse they treat me the better’, in that it would be proof of the truth of my words.  Little did I know then how evil that worst would be, nor how wide and deep is the rot within the nation!  The biggest shock of all has been how the bulk of the British people (who once had courage) not only accept this seizing of power by a Fifth Column, but are happy to be on the payroll, and/or grateful for the perks from serving them!
From Norman Scarth.
WW2 Veteran, Parliamentary Candidate, Successful Law Reformer, Investigative Author and Publisher, Associate of the Article 6 Group, Human Rights Activist, Prison Reform Activist, Founder and Leader of the Anti-Crime Party. ADDRESS: 36 Anvil Court, BRADFORD BD8 7QW.  Now [2012] C/o 14 Willow Park Crescent, ATHLONE, Ireland (Republic)
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