Friday, 3 June 2011

Leeds Courthouse. BIG EVENT, 15th June!

If we are ever to have a semblance of Justice in Britain, we must break the stranglehold which the Legal Mafia have on The Law.  One way we can do it is by Private Prosecutions (a right we have had from centuries before the police and CPS were invented).  'THEY' know this, which is why they use every dirty trick to obstruct Private Prosecutions.  I am seeking to overcome this obstruction by Judicial Review in the High Court.  There is to be a hearing at Leeds Combined Court Centre on 15th June 2011, listed as 'NOT BEFORE 12 NOON'.  Please be there if you possibly can.  I truly believe it warrants an attendance as big as at Birkenhead on 7th March.
Update 2012:   
This of course turned out to be another Kangaroo Court.  My attempts to apeal against the judge (who lives in Rawtenstall & leads a pop group called 'Wasted') have (of course!) been obstructed by the RCJ.