Saturday 28 July 2012

Lies by the big boys of the Legal/Judicial Mafia. Also Wirral Mags.

In my last posting I say that the 'Provable Lies' in the dossier of stuff from top dogs of the Legal/Judicial Mafia were 'breathtaking'.  There were a great many, but I mention only a few here:  (1)  The dossier quoted Lord Justice Pitchford giving his Judgment after hearing my appeal against the imprisonment inflicted on me by Circuit Judge Joanathan Lee Rose in Bradford Crown Court:  In it Pitchford said, "... a Witness Support Worker, Mrs Christine Wood, passed by the appellant and noticed that he appeared to be using some sort of recording device ...". 
Mrs Wood did NOT 'pass by'!   As a 'Witness Support Worker' she had no reason whatsoever to be in that public gallery.  The facts are that I have been a 'Marked Man' for the last 17 years: Mrs Wood had been SPECIFICALLY ordered to sit behind me as a spy - an action way above her 'pay grade'!    LJ Pitchford continued, saying that I used 'foul language' and a 'stream of abuse'."  As anyone that knows me will tell you, I do NOT use foul language, nor did I on that occasion.  True, I did denounce Rose & the spy in very STRONG language, as 'treacherous', 'Quislings' and 'crooks', but a denunciation is not 'abuse', nor was my language 'foul', as generally understood.  The fact that someone of the standing of Pitchford is not literate enough to know the difference is frightening. 
Re. MY BEING A MARKED MAN: in this context it is fitting to include the story of happenings when I travelled from Bradford to Birkenhead, intending to observe a hearing in Wirral Magistrates' Court on 3rd May 2011:
In 1860 the eminent Chief Justice Cockburn said, “The courts of Britain are open to all in every sense of the words, and I trust they will always remain so”. Other eminent judges said much the same in the 20th century, including Lord Justice Lawrence (later to preside at Nuremberg).   Carrying even more weight than the words of those eminent judges, that principle was confirmed by the blood of the many thousands who gave their lives in World War II (including my own brave young shipmates), that being one of the things we were fighting for.    (It was also confirmed by the European Court of Human Rights in my own case, Scarth v UK 33745/96).  Unfortunately, many in Britain have forgotten this, and practices more akin to Nazi Germany have crept in. 
At 9.30am on Tuesday 3rd May 2011 I walked through the door of Wirral Magistrates’ Court, and at the security check in the entrance placed the coins from my pocket in the tray provided (as I have done many times in many other courts).   NEVER have I been treated as I was then!   IN LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES from walking through the door from the street I found myself in handcuffs in a 2’6” square cage in the back of a van in a police station yard!  The engine was running and a driver in the seat, but neither the van nor I moved for nearly three hours, when six ‘Stazi-like’ police came to let me out.  Sergeant Sam Armstrong dragged me violently from the van and threw me (an 85 yr old WW2 veteran) to the ground.   Only the fact that my constitution is stronger than most men of my age saved me from the fate of Ian Tomlinson or Christopher Alder.
Sergeant Armstrong told me I was being ‘de-arrested’, but two men then grabbed me by each arm and spread-eagled me against the van, while a smirking female officer took my photograph, after which I was released without charge.
What caused such Stazi-like treatment to be inflicted on a WW2 veteran? 
After putting my coins in the tray in the entrance to the court building, a female security officer asked me who I was and what case I was going to see.   I told her I was a member of the public, didn’t know what cases were being decided that day, but intended to observe any that interested me.   She told me I could not do so, that I must say which case I had come to see.  Mindful of the words of CJ Cockburn, and particularly my shipmates who had given their lives for the very thing she was denying me, I tried to tell her she was wrong.  It is true that, being a little hard of hearing, I sometimes speak louder than intended, but I was immediately pounced on by police who were ready and waiting, obviously having been told to keep an eye out for me.  They then dragged me off in handcuffs to the very small cage in the back of the the police van.  Needless to say, my complaint about the officious abuse of power by the ignorant security women got nowhere, nor my complaint to that corrupt body the 'Independent(??) Police Complaints Commission'.
On being told of all this, Mr. Frank Field, MP for Birkenhead expressed concern that such things can happen in his constituency and asked to be kept informed, but he appears to have  lost interest now.