Wednesday 28 March 2012

Clarification of the blog title.

For the benefit of commentor 'Lindsay' and others, I clarify the blog title.  The words are not mine, but those of Nobel Laureate Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, who said, "To put a sane person in a madhouse (his word) is worse than the gas chambers: the torture is more cruel, death takes longer".   So it was for Andy McCardle (Google the name).   Also Google 'Maurice Kirk Flying Vet'. He gives me credit for helping him escape from the mad doctor Tegwynn Williams in a South Wales nuthouse, but Maurice is now suffering unbelievable torment in Cardiff Prison, held on remand on ANOTHER trumped up charge.
My absence from the blog for more than six months is partly for the reason in my last message, and partly because the sadistic persecution of the last 17 years has intensified as I have got older. Forced to flee to Ireland because of it, I am now safe (hopefully!), and will be able to keep the blog more up-to date. So, 'WATCH THIS SPACE!'