Saturday 20 September 2008

An open letter to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith MP.

20th September 2008.
Serious police crime covered up by West Yorkshire Police Authority.
The most telling thing - they did not DENY my allegation - nor did they ask me to submit evidence. IF they did not know, it was because they didn't WANT to know, and were determined that no-one else would know either!

An invitation came from West Yorkshire Police Authority (WYPA) to attend an ‘Event’ at the Bankfield Hotel in Bingley on Tuesday 16th September 2008.  The invitation said, "The event will be an interesting evening from(sic) which all participants will be able to share their views to tackle important issues".  I looked forward to it - and hoped to raise ‘important issues’.
The programme said that comments and questions were invited, and one of the ‘top table’ expressed the hope that there would be lively response from those present.
For half an hour or so there was a ‘Presentation’ of platitudes and propaganda, then a ‘group session’ at each table of 8 or 9 people. This lasted for an hour or so. Each table was presided over by some official person whose function was to come up with one very brief comment on which all agreed. It was more akin to kindergarten than a forum for serious debate.
When the time came for ‘Comments and Questions’, I was the third person to put my hand up. My comments were intended to be a preface to my question. After 30 seconds (timed) one of the top table ordered me to stop, and said "Will you ask your question please". Fortunately, I was using a recording machine (openly), and thus able to be precise about timing and words.  A transcript of the recording will be available as soon as I have time to do it.
I cut short my comment, did as ordered, and asked my question. The essence of it was, "Why do the WYPA not only turn a blind eye to brutal crime by West Yorkshire Police, but cover it up?" (I had with me cast iron evidence of such crimes). The top table refused to answer, and quickly tried to silence me by ordering me to sit down, and asking, "Next Question Please".
They were concerned only to silence me and made no attempt to answer my question, which I submit was infinitely more important than anything else heard that evening.  I said I would sit down immediately if they answered my question (even to deny there was such a thing as police crime), or showed some concern.  They did neither, but invited me to ‘discuss this outside’ - much like a bullying thug in a pub.  They were determined that the brainwashed people in this ‘open forum’ would not hear any more from me. One young thug had already made as though to attack me, so I declined the invitation, remained standing, and continued to repeat the question.  Quite properly, I demanded an answer to my question before others were asked. Fortunately, I have a strong voice.
No doubt they will claim that I was disruptive, but it was well justified when the WYPA were themselves blatantly committing the crime of ‘Misconduct in Public Office’.  Mark Burns-Williamson, Chairman of the WYPA was most offensive.  Terrified to address my question he chose to suspend the meeting, then to end it.
It could be said that I had achieved a small degree of success.  At least there were no more weasel words to the gullible from those who so abused their power.  I did hand copies of photographic evidence of police crime to Burns-Williamson and another man from the top table, but have heard not a word since.
Why do I risk my liberty and my life to take on these people when, at the age of 82 I should be in an arm chair watching TV or sleeping?  I do it in memory of my brave young shipmates who died around me in WW2 - and what we BELIEVED we were fighting for!
They died in vain. EVERYTHING we fought against then is here now, WYPA being only one bunch of the Nu-Nazis who now run the country.

I wonder, how many of them are Common Purpose 'Graduates'?
From Norman Scarth, WW2 Veteran, Parliamentary Candidate,
Investigative Author & Publisher, Human Rights Activist,
SUCCESSFUL Law Reformer,
Associate of the Article 6 Group
(International Human Rights lawyers),
Founder and Leader of the Anti-Crime Party,