Saturday 28 July 2012

Lies by the big boys of the Legal/Judicial Mafia. Also Wirral Mags.

In my last posting I say that the 'Provable Lies' in the dossier of stuff from top dogs of the Legal/Judicial Mafia were 'breathtaking'.  There were a great many, but I mention only a few here:  (1)  The dossier quoted Lord Justice Pitchford giving his Judgment after hearing my appeal against the imprisonment inflicted on me by Circuit Judge Joanathan Lee Rose in Bradford Crown Court:  In it Pitchford said, "... a Witness Support Worker, Mrs Christine Wood, passed by the appellant and noticed that he appeared to be using some sort of recording device ...". 
Mrs Wood did NOT 'pass by'!   As a 'Witness Support Worker' she had no reason whatsoever to be in that public gallery.  The facts are that I have been a 'Marked Man' for the last 17 years: Mrs Wood had been SPECIFICALLY ordered to sit behind me as a spy - an action way above her 'pay grade'!    LJ Pitchford continued, saying that I used 'foul language' and a 'stream of abuse'."  As anyone that knows me will tell you, I do NOT use foul language, nor did I on that occasion.  True, I did denounce Rose & the spy in very STRONG language, as 'treacherous', 'Quislings' and 'crooks', but a denunciation is not 'abuse', nor was my language 'foul', as generally understood.  The fact that someone of the standing of Pitchford is not literate enough to know the difference is frightening. 
Re. MY BEING A MARKED MAN: in this context it is fitting to include the story of happenings when I travelled from Bradford to Birkenhead, intending to observe a hearing in Wirral Magistrates' Court on 3rd May 2011:
In 1860 the eminent Chief Justice Cockburn said, “The courts of Britain are open to all in every sense of the words, and I trust they will always remain so”. Other eminent judges said much the same in the 20th century, including Lord Justice Lawrence (later to preside at Nuremberg).   Carrying even more weight than the words of those eminent judges, that principle was confirmed by the blood of the many thousands who gave their lives in World War II (including my own brave young shipmates), that being one of the things we were fighting for.    (It was also confirmed by the European Court of Human Rights in my own case, Scarth v UK 33745/96).  Unfortunately, many in Britain have forgotten this, and practices more akin to Nazi Germany have crept in. 
At 9.30am on Tuesday 3rd May 2011 I walked through the door of Wirral Magistrates’ Court, and at the security check in the entrance placed the coins from my pocket in the tray provided (as I have done many times in many other courts).   NEVER have I been treated as I was then!   IN LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES from walking through the door from the street I found myself in handcuffs in a 2’6” square cage in the back of a van in a police station yard!  The engine was running and a driver in the seat, but neither the van nor I moved for nearly three hours, when six ‘Stazi-like’ police came to let me out.  Sergeant Sam Armstrong dragged me violently from the van and threw me (an 85 yr old WW2 veteran) to the ground.   Only the fact that my constitution is stronger than most men of my age saved me from the fate of Ian Tomlinson or Christopher Alder.
Sergeant Armstrong told me I was being ‘de-arrested’, but two men then grabbed me by each arm and spread-eagled me against the van, while a smirking female officer took my photograph, after which I was released without charge.
What caused such Stazi-like treatment to be inflicted on a WW2 veteran? 
After putting my coins in the tray in the entrance to the court building, a female security officer asked me who I was and what case I was going to see.   I told her I was a member of the public, didn’t know what cases were being decided that day, but intended to observe any that interested me.   She told me I could not do so, that I must say which case I had come to see.  Mindful of the words of CJ Cockburn, and particularly my shipmates who had given their lives for the very thing she was denying me, I tried to tell her she was wrong.  It is true that, being a little hard of hearing, I sometimes speak louder than intended, but I was immediately pounced on by police who were ready and waiting, obviously having been told to keep an eye out for me.  They then dragged me off in handcuffs to the very small cage in the back of the the police van.  Needless to say, my complaint about the officious abuse of power by the ignorant security women got nowhere, nor my complaint to that corrupt body the 'Independent(??) Police Complaints Commission'.
On being told of all this, Mr. Frank Field, MP for Birkenhead expressed concern that such things can happen in his constituency and asked to be kept informed, but he appears to have  lost interest now.   

Thursday 14 June 2012

Another 2 years in prison now - ON TOP OF THE FIVE YEARS!

An email has arrived from the Treasury Solicitor with seven attachments totalling 73 pages. 
From them it seems that (apart from Man City Mags), there are many more who are after my blood.  They include Her Majesty's Attorney General, HM Solicitor General, HM Treasury Solicitor, HM DPP, HM CPS, their staffs, HM Lord Justices, HM Puisne Judges, HM Circuit Judges, HM District Judges, HM Court and Tribunal Service, along with God knows how many of HM Police and HM Lords of Everything Else!  All these hounding one little old man - and they say fox-hunting is cruel!   These most powerful people are all anxious to have me in clink again - OR, MUCH MORE SINISTER - in a nuthouse!
Yes indeed - buried in those 73 pages are 27 words -
"... any additional directions the court may be minded to make, including, SHOULD THE COURT FIND IT APPROPRIATE, an order under the Mental Health Act 1983 (Section 14(4) of the Act)." (my emphasis).
That way, all my exposing of the corruption which is rampant in our courts can be dismissed as the ramblings of a lunatic!
Some may have thought it was dramatic over-reaction that I should flee the land of my birth when facing what were 'Non-imprisonable offences' in ManCityMags. This shows what they REALLY had in mind for me!   (Google the name Andy McCardle to see what happened to him.)
Feeling happy and safe here in Ireland, as I opened each attachment there was some satisfaction to see the sadistic Quislings who rule our courts exposing themselves for what they are.  The PROVABLE lies are breathtaking!
Safe in Ireland? Well they do have MI6 of course. You will find it hard to believe, but within those 73 pages there is evidence that they have been snooping around here already!!!
All this for one little old man!   RUN FOR YOUR LIVES - HE'S GOT A LEAFLET!   EVEN WORSE - HE'S GOT A RECORDING DEVICE!   Perhaps one should not laugh at the afflicted, but their sadism is equalled by the stupidity.  The grounds on which they are seeking my committal to prison - OR A NUTHOUSE - are,
"... at Leeds Magistrates' Court on 2nd February 2012, used a concealed camera to record the proceedings before District Judge Roy Anderson.   He subsequently published the recording ... on the You tube website."   Apparently the publishing of the video is causing them a great deal of pain, yet THEY EVEN GIVE THE YOUTUBE LINK FOR THE VIDEO !
It is
Anyone who would like to know more, please contact me at my new email address:

Thursday 7 June 2012

For this blog I am facing FIVE YEARS IN PRISON!


Tuesday, 5th June 2012 I received by post three documents relating to my 'trial' at ManCityMags on 29th May 2012.   One is a letter from Gerry Wareham of the Crown Persecution Service relating to the computer stolen from me by West Yorkshire Stazi Police.   I will tell of that in another email. Another is a 'Notice of fine and collection order' telling me that I was fined £50 on one charge, £100 on another and costs of £500 against me, with the usual threats if I fail to pay by 26th June 2012. More of that will be told in another email.
THE MOST IMPORTANT IS THE THIRD ONE. It is from Manchester and Salford Magistrates' Court, Code 1723, Crown Square, Manchester M60 1PR. Tel: 0161 830 4200, re Case number 061200160089.  Dated 29 May 2012,  It PURPORTS to be a Court Order, though it carries neither name nor signature of a judge, no Court Seal, and is signed by some office boy or girl on behalf of Justices Clerk David Greensmith. It is headed Restraining order     Order and continues:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"This order is made to protect Jonathan Rose from further conduct which amounts to harassment. Details of the Order: 1) Must not contact in any way Jonathan Rose or any member of his family., (NOTE: For some very strange reason, they have since had a special court hearing to remove the highlighted words from the 'Order'.  So, IF I were minded to contact his family [which I'm not], I can do so!  WEIRD!)  2) Must not enter any Jewish Synagogue or Jewish Community Centre or loiter outside any such premises., 3) Must not enter any area in Leeds that is outlined in black on the attached map. This shall not apply when travelling through that area on public transport, without getting off that transport., 4) Not have in your possession in any public place any poster or leaflet which refers directly or indirectly to Jonathan Rose., 5) Must not distribute or instruct another to distribute any poster or leaflet that refers directly or indirectly to Jonathan Rose., 6) Must not write, post or upload to or upon any website or internet forum any comment that refers directly or indirectly (sic) Jonathan Rose., Prohibitions 1,2,4,5,6 to apply throughout England & Wales.
This order lasts until further order.
Warning If you do not obey (sic) any part of this order you will commit an offence and may be sent to prison for up to five years. You will commit the offence if you disobey this order even once."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
NOTE 1: One of my 'offences' is supposed to be 'Racially Aggravated'. Anyone who can read that into ANY of my words (written or spoken) is an illiterate idiot.
NOTE 2: These Restraining Orders are part of the very nasty legislation brought in by the mass murderers & war criminals of the Blair Regime; Brought in for what APPEARED to be good purpose, they were designed to be used as a weapon by the Police State. The same goes for the 'Victim Impact Statements' (see below) The message they send out is that if you kill anyone (either accidentally, in your car, or deliberately) it is much better if that person is an orphan without friends or relations. That way there will no parade of people to say how they too have suffered, and you will get a lighter sentence.
NOTE 3: The CPS used this legal trickery to introduce Jonathan Lee Rose's Statement as a 'Victim Impact Statement' (when it could not be challenged) rather than as a Witness Statement, when it could AND WOULD have been challenged!
Much of Rose's 'Victim Impact Statement' was a whining, whimpering, snivelling document, but in paragraph 12 he says:
"Every Jew, in every country has within him or her the most profound gratitude to those who fought the Nazis in the War, and fully appreciates the millions of lives lost in doing so. We owe a deep debt of gratitude to those men and women and, living in the United Kingdom we acknowledge how the courage and bravery of servicemen from this country kept the Germans from invading, where failure would have meant that the Jews of the United Kingdom would likely have met the same fate of the millions who perished in the Nazi concentration camps." 
(He was actually saying the same as I said in my leaflet, but using many more words!)

Now, because I have sent this email, AND will publish it on my blog, he wants me to be sent there FOR FIVE YEARS!!!   Well, they'll have to catch me first.
Norman Scarth.
PS: Talk about stupid!! Rose claimed that I must have gone to an awful lot of trouble to find out that he was President of the United Hebrew Congregation. Not at all: The reference book 'Who's Who' (containing potted biographies of those considerd to be important people) is available in all public libraries. ALL judges of Circuit level and above are in it, with names of parents, date of birth, education, career, positions held, marriages, divorces, offspring, books published, hobbies etc. etc. I did not know where he lived, though the fact that while on bail I was banned from entering the large Leeds 17 area indicated that he lived within it. Now, having sent me a map of the much smaller area from which I am now banned, it is fair gues that he lives near the centre of that triangular area of about one and a half miles each side, i.e. within a half mile or so radius of Moortown water tower and Roundhay Park. Not a large area if I were minded to search for the very nasty but quite pathetic creature - which I'm not!
PPS: This is being sent to some of the large number of people on the The State Payroll who have been (EXPENSIVELY!) used in this persecution, in the hope that just one of them might have a prick of conscience at what they are prepared to do to draw their salaries and protect their pensions.   Personally, I would rather starve in the gutter than do what they do.  
PPPS:  Harassmernt of Judge Jonathan Lee Rose?  What about the INFINITELY WORSE harassment by him and his sadistic chums of ME???                        NS.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

FoI request to Ministry of Justice re. cost of persecution..

From: Norman Scarth 3 April 2012 Subject: Expenditure of public funds by West Yorkshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service on 'prosecution' (persecution) of World War 2 Veteran Norman Scarth
Dear Ministry of Justice, The latest persecution (disguised as prosecution) of Norman Scarth concerns supposed 'offences' committed by him on 29th September and 22nd October 2011.   To anyone who has any comprehension of the English language, they are NOT 'offences' at all.  Would you please inform me: (a) How much Police and CPS time has been spent on this case so far, including the search for this 'Wanted Man' since 23rd february 2012? (b) How much taxpayers' money has been expended by the Police and the CPS so far, including the cost in time and transport of transporting the prosecution team and all the 'witnesses' to Manchester Magistrates' Court on 23rd February 2012?   Knowing only too well of the corruption which is rampant in our courts, there is a possibility that if found and arrested he may be found guilty.   That possibility is a certainty if it is before a lawyer masquerading as a magistrate.   With that possibility/certainty, we ask question (c) What is the estimated cost to the taxpayer if/when the case is taken to appeal in the Crown Court, the Appeal Court, the Supreme Court and an Application made to the European Court of Human Rights? (d) At the 'hearing' in Leeds on 2nd Feb, your Counsel Adam Roxborough stated that the 'offences' now charged are 'non-imprisonable'.   Would you please confirm (or correct) this?  (e) What are the maximum sentences for these 'offences'?   (f) What sentences will you be asking for?  (g) Which CPS Officers considered whether it was 'In the Public Interest' (as they are required to do) to start, and then continue the 'prosecution' (really persecution) of this old man, forcing him to flee the land of his birth and seek asylum abroad.  Yours faithfully, Norman Scarth (and Associates) PS: These questions are particularly pertinent in what we are told is a time of financial stringency?

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Clarification of the blog title.

For the benefit of commentor 'Lindsay' and others, I clarify the blog title.  The words are not mine, but those of Nobel Laureate Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, who said, "To put a sane person in a madhouse (his word) is worse than the gas chambers: the torture is more cruel, death takes longer".   So it was for Andy McCardle (Google the name).   Also Google 'Maurice Kirk Flying Vet'. He gives me credit for helping him escape from the mad doctor Tegwynn Williams in a South Wales nuthouse, but Maurice is now suffering unbelievable torment in Cardiff Prison, held on remand on ANOTHER trumped up charge.
My absence from the blog for more than six months is partly for the reason in my last message, and partly because the sadistic persecution of the last 17 years has intensified as I have got older. Forced to flee to Ireland because of it, I am now safe (hopefully!), and will be able to keep the blog more up-to date. So, 'WATCH THIS SPACE!'

Friday 3 June 2011

Leeds Courthouse. BIG EVENT, 15th June!

If we are ever to have a semblance of Justice in Britain, we must break the stranglehold which the Legal Mafia have on The Law.  One way we can do it is by Private Prosecutions (a right we have had from centuries before the police and CPS were invented).  'THEY' know this, which is why they use every dirty trick to obstruct Private Prosecutions.  I am seeking to overcome this obstruction by Judicial Review in the High Court.  There is to be a hearing at Leeds Combined Court Centre on 15th June 2011, listed as 'NOT BEFORE 12 NOON'.  Please be there if you possibly can.  I truly believe it warrants an attendance as big as at Birkenhead on 7th March.
Update 2012:   
This of course turned out to be another Kangaroo Court.  My attempts to apeal against the judge (who lives in Rawtenstall & leads a pop group called 'Wasted') have (of course!) been obstructed by the RCJ.  

Thursday 15 July 2010

Marsha Singh MP: If you are aman of integrity - PROVE IT! 01274 541166, 01274 402220, 0207 219 4623.
Dear Marsha Singh. (MP for Bradford West).
I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 13 July 2010. The fact that you have returned the £50 ‘bribe’, and said ‘Please do not send me money again’ suggests that you are a man of integrity.  The fact that you have completely ignored the content of my letter (infinitely more important), and the invitation to a committee room meeting in the House of Commons (seeking to expose crime by powerful people) suggests the opposite.  I refer to your letter dated 7 April 2010 (addressed to me personally) when you were seeking my vote.  You claim to be ‘accessible to your constituents’, yet my requests for an appointment to see you have been contemptuously ignored.  In the letter you mention Winter Fuel Payments for old folks to ensure we do not die of hypothermia, for which the Labour Government can rightly claim credit.  However, you are well aware that Bradford Council (in collusion with the most ruthless gangsters in Britain) have not only robbed me of my meagre life savings of £6,500, but, in the middle of the coldest winter for several years, robbed me of my Winter Fuel Payment and Cold Weather Payments - and I DO mean ROBBED!  This worries you not at all. Your publication ‘News for Bradford West’ for Autumn 2009 said “I am willing to meet people in their homes”.  Yes, please.  Unable to get an appointment to see you at your surgery, and bearing in mind my advanced years, it would be a good thing if you could visit my home, where I can show you evidence of the robbery mentioned, and other crime against me.  PLEASE do not suggest I go to the police.  You know full well that West Yorkshire Police have themselves committed serious crime against me, beginning with a potentially lethal terror attack on 8th August 1999, without even the PRETENCE of a lawful excuse.  Afterwards I asked you to put down an Early Day Motion in Parliament.  Instead, you wrote a chummy letter to the Chief Constable ‘Dear Graham’ (the man responsible for the attack, at least vicariously), and got an equally chummy letter back, ‘Dear Marsha’.
You will not know as yet that, on 24th June 2010, invited to the Lord Mayor’s Lunch for Veterans in Bradford City Hall (of all places!), without any justification whatsoever, I was there subjected to a serious criminal assault by a covert Nazi thug which ‘occasioned actual bodily harm’, leaving me in great pain. There will undoubtedly be CCTV film of the attack, but my request to the Lord Mayor for copies, has been insultingly rebuffed. If you are indeed a man of integrity, perhaps you will take up that matter for me?
Norman Scarth.