Tuesday 17 April 2012

FoI request to Ministry of Justice re. cost of persecution..

From: Norman Scarth 3 April 2012 Subject: Expenditure of public funds by West Yorkshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service on 'prosecution' (persecution) of World War 2 Veteran Norman Scarth
Dear Ministry of Justice, The latest persecution (disguised as prosecution) of Norman Scarth concerns supposed 'offences' committed by him on 29th September and 22nd October 2011.   To anyone who has any comprehension of the English language, they are NOT 'offences' at all.  Would you please inform me: (a) How much Police and CPS time has been spent on this case so far, including the search for this 'Wanted Man' since 23rd february 2012? (b) How much taxpayers' money has been expended by the Police and the CPS so far, including the cost in time and transport of transporting the prosecution team and all the 'witnesses' to Manchester Magistrates' Court on 23rd February 2012?   Knowing only too well of the corruption which is rampant in our courts, there is a possibility that if found and arrested he may be found guilty.   That possibility is a certainty if it is before a lawyer masquerading as a magistrate.   With that possibility/certainty, we ask question (c) What is the estimated cost to the taxpayer if/when the case is taken to appeal in the Crown Court, the Appeal Court, the Supreme Court and an Application made to the European Court of Human Rights? (d) At the 'hearing' in Leeds on 2nd Feb, your Counsel Adam Roxborough stated that the 'offences' now charged are 'non-imprisonable'.   Would you please confirm (or correct) this?  (e) What are the maximum sentences for these 'offences'?   (f) What sentences will you be asking for?  (g) Which CPS Officers considered whether it was 'In the Public Interest' (as they are required to do) to start, and then continue the 'prosecution' (really persecution) of this old man, forcing him to flee the land of his birth and seek asylum abroad.  Yours faithfully, Norman Scarth (and Associates) PS: These questions are particularly pertinent in what we are told is a time of financial stringency?

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