Thursday 15 July 2010

Marsha Singh MP: If you are aman of integrity - PROVE IT! 01274 541166, 01274 402220, 0207 219 4623.
Dear Marsha Singh. (MP for Bradford West).
I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 13 July 2010. The fact that you have returned the £50 ‘bribe’, and said ‘Please do not send me money again’ suggests that you are a man of integrity.  The fact that you have completely ignored the content of my letter (infinitely more important), and the invitation to a committee room meeting in the House of Commons (seeking to expose crime by powerful people) suggests the opposite.  I refer to your letter dated 7 April 2010 (addressed to me personally) when you were seeking my vote.  You claim to be ‘accessible to your constituents’, yet my requests for an appointment to see you have been contemptuously ignored.  In the letter you mention Winter Fuel Payments for old folks to ensure we do not die of hypothermia, for which the Labour Government can rightly claim credit.  However, you are well aware that Bradford Council (in collusion with the most ruthless gangsters in Britain) have not only robbed me of my meagre life savings of £6,500, but, in the middle of the coldest winter for several years, robbed me of my Winter Fuel Payment and Cold Weather Payments - and I DO mean ROBBED!  This worries you not at all. Your publication ‘News for Bradford West’ for Autumn 2009 said “I am willing to meet people in their homes”.  Yes, please.  Unable to get an appointment to see you at your surgery, and bearing in mind my advanced years, it would be a good thing if you could visit my home, where I can show you evidence of the robbery mentioned, and other crime against me.  PLEASE do not suggest I go to the police.  You know full well that West Yorkshire Police have themselves committed serious crime against me, beginning with a potentially lethal terror attack on 8th August 1999, without even the PRETENCE of a lawful excuse.  Afterwards I asked you to put down an Early Day Motion in Parliament.  Instead, you wrote a chummy letter to the Chief Constable ‘Dear Graham’ (the man responsible for the attack, at least vicariously), and got an equally chummy letter back, ‘Dear Marsha’.
You will not know as yet that, on 24th June 2010, invited to the Lord Mayor’s Lunch for Veterans in Bradford City Hall (of all places!), without any justification whatsoever, I was there subjected to a serious criminal assault by a covert Nazi thug which ‘occasioned actual bodily harm’, leaving me in great pain. There will undoubtedly be CCTV film of the attack, but my request to the Lord Mayor for copies, has been insultingly rebuffed. If you are indeed a man of integrity, perhaps you will take up that matter for me?
Norman Scarth.