Thursday 14 June 2012

Another 2 years in prison now - ON TOP OF THE FIVE YEARS!

An email has arrived from the Treasury Solicitor with seven attachments totalling 73 pages. 
From them it seems that (apart from Man City Mags), there are many more who are after my blood.  They include Her Majesty's Attorney General, HM Solicitor General, HM Treasury Solicitor, HM DPP, HM CPS, their staffs, HM Lord Justices, HM Puisne Judges, HM Circuit Judges, HM District Judges, HM Court and Tribunal Service, along with God knows how many of HM Police and HM Lords of Everything Else!  All these hounding one little old man - and they say fox-hunting is cruel!   These most powerful people are all anxious to have me in clink again - OR, MUCH MORE SINISTER - in a nuthouse!
Yes indeed - buried in those 73 pages are 27 words -
"... any additional directions the court may be minded to make, including, SHOULD THE COURT FIND IT APPROPRIATE, an order under the Mental Health Act 1983 (Section 14(4) of the Act)." (my emphasis).
That way, all my exposing of the corruption which is rampant in our courts can be dismissed as the ramblings of a lunatic!
Some may have thought it was dramatic over-reaction that I should flee the land of my birth when facing what were 'Non-imprisonable offences' in ManCityMags. This shows what they REALLY had in mind for me!   (Google the name Andy McCardle to see what happened to him.)
Feeling happy and safe here in Ireland, as I opened each attachment there was some satisfaction to see the sadistic Quislings who rule our courts exposing themselves for what they are.  The PROVABLE lies are breathtaking!
Safe in Ireland? Well they do have MI6 of course. You will find it hard to believe, but within those 73 pages there is evidence that they have been snooping around here already!!!
All this for one little old man!   RUN FOR YOUR LIVES - HE'S GOT A LEAFLET!   EVEN WORSE - HE'S GOT A RECORDING DEVICE!   Perhaps one should not laugh at the afflicted, but their sadism is equalled by the stupidity.  The grounds on which they are seeking my committal to prison - OR A NUTHOUSE - are,
"... at Leeds Magistrates' Court on 2nd February 2012, used a concealed camera to record the proceedings before District Judge Roy Anderson.   He subsequently published the recording ... on the You tube website."   Apparently the publishing of the video is causing them a great deal of pain, yet THEY EVEN GIVE THE YOUTUBE LINK FOR THE VIDEO !
It is
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